Pawan River Bird's Nest Raw (First Harvest) 75g

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Pawan River bird's nest in raw allows convenience in self preparation of bird's nest anytime of the year. This also makes a perfect gift for oversea's guests in trying one of South East Asian most treasured food supplements.


100% organic bird's nest of the highest quality, free of any preservatives or artificial flavourings, giving you clean, pure tasting bird's nest goodness.  


First Harvest bird's nest are made up of whole nests and corner nests harvested at its optimal time.  Choice raw bird's nest of first harvest onwards are hand picked and prepared individually by cleaning them of impurities, resulting in thick and high quality strands of Raw bird's nest. 


Order includes a simple Bird's Nest recipe instruction.


Each box comes with about 10 pieces of raw Pawan River Bird's Nest for about 18 servings. Net Weight: 75g

Suitable for everyday consumption, cooked soups and dessert.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review