Do you do delivery?
Yes, our delivery for purchase of $300 and below is at flat rate of $10 per trip for Singapore.
Above $300 is free delivery.  Alternatively, you can arrange for pick up at our shop in Taiseng.

Is cooked Bird's Nest concentrated? What is the size of jar for cooked Bird's Nest?
Our cooked Bird's Nest is concentrated and comes in 5 jars/set.  Each jar is 100ml of cooked Bird's Nest or about 5-8g of quality raw Bird's Nest.

Is the cooked Bird's Nest sweeten with sweetener? 
We prepared our cooked Bird's Nest with a little Brown Rock Sugar which besides for taste, also acts as natural preservatives to our Cooked Bird's Nest.  We also include extra Brown Rock Sugar sweetener with each puchase for you to sweeten to taste.  From experience, our sugar level is "just nice", and many customers do without the extra sweetener. 

Can I have the Bird's Nest warm or room temperature?
Cooked Bird's Nest is kept cold in the fridge.  If you'd like it to be room temperature, please leave it out in the room temperature for half an hour before consumption.  You can also bath our glass jar in warm water, leave it for about 5 minutes before serving.  You'll also be able to taste more delicate taste of Bird's Nest served this way. 

When do you consume Bird's Nest and what is the serving size?
We recommend consuming Bird's Nest first thing in the morning up to half an hour before breakfast.  This is to allow better absortion on an empty stomach. You may also choose to consume just before bedtime, at least 1 hour after last meal.  Serving size is per jar of 100ml, or you can choose to consume 50ml in the morning and the rest of 50ml in the evening. 

Is Bird's Nest recommended during pregnancy? How about toddlers?
Bird's Nest is known tonic for nourishment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bird's Nest contains plenty of natural nutrients and minerals such as glycoprotein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, iodine and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body. We recommend consumption after first trimaster onwards and for toddlers when they are comfortable with solid food and have no known food allergies (e.g. Egg).  Please consult your physican if you have any medical advice questions.

What is the expiry date of cooked Bird's Nest? 
Our cooked Bird's Nest is prepared to order, without any preservatives or additives, we recommend to consume in about 2 weeks from delivery day.  Bird's Nest to be kept in cold fridge. 

What is the expiry date of Almond Mylk?
Our Almond Mylk is prepared to order, without any preservatives or additives, we recommend to consume in about 3 days from delivery day.  Almond Mylk to be kept in cold fridge.

Is the Almond Mylk sweeten with sweetener?
Our Vanilla, Cacao and Matcha Almond Mylk is sweeten slightly with real Dates, Almond is naturally sweet when  made fresh. Our Coconut Almond Mylk is not sweeten, only natural sweetness from the choice Coconuts. 

Please connect with us for any further questions.
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