Almond Mylk

Using only the best ingredients, Pawan River Almond Mylk is always handmade in small batches without any preservatives, artificial flavourings or stabilisers. Our Almond Mylk is made 'raw' to maximise the nutrients of almonds and to capture their full flavours. A good source of protein, healthy fatty acids and containing no cholesterol, Pawan River Almond Mylk is both healthy and delicious! Have it on its own, your favourite cereal or pair it with Pawan River Bird's Nest; be assured that you are enjoying the best of what nature can offer. 

Vanilla Almond Mylk: Real vanilla beans adds subtle creamy flavour to this original Almond Mylk.
Cacao Almond Mylk: Raw Cacao Powder and Cinnamon combination makes this a dessert beverage without the guilt of excess sugar.
Coconut Almond Mylk: Naturally sweet without any additional sugar, Coconut flavor is a crowd pleaser.

Matcha Vanilla Almond Mylk: Organic Green Tea Powder & Real Vanilla beans add subtle complexity to our latest flavor offerings.

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