About Us

​​Pawan River bird's nest is sourced in a river town that is Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Here, surrounded by ancient rainforest and pristine rivers, the house swiftlets are free to roam in their natural habitat. We maintain single origin to our supply and 100% control of production, from harvesting to cleaning of the nests and finally cooking them for ready consumption. What you get is 100% organic bird's nest of the highest quality, free of any preservatives or artificial flavourings, giving you clean, pure tasting bird's nest goodness.

What is Bird's Nest?

The house Swiftlet general habitat can be found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions, in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma and Southern India. There are several different species of the swiftlet family but only a handful, like house swiftlet, produce nests out of pure sticky saliva. Other species bind twigs and feathers to create the nest. It is this very reason that differentiate house swiftlet bird’s nest from other bird's nest.

Nests from house swiftlets is cleaner and perhaps more importantly, unlike nests of cave swiftlets, the controlled farm environment of a house swiftlet allows a sustainable way of cultivation.The house Swiftlet is very particular to their environment. Besides the location, the farmhouse that provides for the birds needs 24-hours monitoring of temperature and humidity control, the correct amount of natural and artificial light in the farmhouse and minimal level of pollution in the area.

It has been recorded that the trade of swiftlet’s nest began as early as more than a thousand year ago (A.D 618-907) during the Tang Dynasty in China.​​  Known as ‘Caviar Of The East’, the Chinese have always revered bird’s nest for its health properties.

Bird’s nest nourish the Yin while improving the Yang of the body, promotes cell growth in the body thus strengthening the immune system, and keeps one of the most important organs of the human body supple—the skin. Bird’s nest contains plenty of natural nutrients and mineral such as glycoprotein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, iodine and vitamins, all of which are easily absorbed by the body.

It is generally recommended for the elderly to maintain health, ladies for glowing skin from within, persons who smoke to counter damage caused in the lungs and the body and even children who are growing and in need of primal nutrition.​​Besides its many health benefit, one of the reasons for consumption is simply because of its delicate flavor and texture. Bird’s nest is a versatile food that can be prepared as hot soup, cold dessert or even by some creative chefs in main dishes.

The history of Pawan River Bird’s Nest started with the settlement of a small Chinese community in the South Coast of West Borneo in the late 19th century. The settlement was first attracted to the gold and diamond mine industry in the region.Today the town is known as Ketapang where the Pawan River runs from the highest point of the area and where its mouth meets at the end of the town. Blessed with diverse natural resources, Kalimantan has rich wildlife, beautiful beaches and houses one of the world’s primary rainforests.

​​In 1976, our family discovered that our home was an ideal ground for breeding the house swiftlets when a pair made a nest in the attic of the house. Our grandparents would make the bird’s nest soup delicacy from the early harvests based on recipes passed down as gifts to close family and friends. Thus began the passion of bringing bird’s nest as both a delicacy and health food to a wider public.
Ketapang is now a burgeoning producer of house swiftlet bird’s nests. As one of the earliest producers in the area, Pawan River Bird's Nest harvests and prepares all its bird’s nest on site. Employing both modern and traditional processes, Pawan River bird's nest brings bird's nest of the highest quality to your home.​​